Advanced Ultrasonic Testing

This class is an in depth approach to Ultrasonic Weld Examination, class length is 60 hrs, with 45 hrs of practical application.

Subjects Covered:

Equipment: Review equipment and instrument settings for practical application 

Codes: Review AWS/ASME code for equipment, calibration and acceptance

Instrument Qualification: Horizontal, vertical linearities and dB accuracy cal.

Production Calibration: Perform calibrations per ASME and AWS Codes.

Special Applications: Transfer correction and through transmission techniques

Scan Plan: Testing approach based upon joint design & typical flaw locations

Flaw Detection: POD (Probability of detection) angle, approach and scan face

False Indications: Backing bars, get signals, redirection (mode converstion)

Flaw Characterization: 2D/3D, Planar, cyclindrical & spherical, joint design critical, plates with known flaws and identification of signals.

Flaw Sizing: Code requirments, advanced techniques, tip diffractin

Weld Joints: UT approach to tee, corner, butt & skewed plate and tubular joints, dissimilar materials and thicknesses, think material and long seams.

Production Scanning 100+ test samples mixed between natural/artificial flaws

Benefit 1:The last day of class, I put out my seismic samples. If you pass the exam, I can certify you if I represent your company or I can work with your company's Level III for certification. My seismic samples are code compliant.

Benefit 2: Training certification and CEU's/PDH's will be given for certification renewal or toward meeting the 120 hrs of ACCP-UT testing requiments. Training hours will also be awarded for this session.

A small sample of what's used in this class