**No college is required for any of these classes**

           What is Certified Welding Inspection?

What is NDT?

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a broad group of analytical methods used in industries and science in order to assess properties of metals, systems or componets without causing damage.

Certified welding inspectors check the quality of the metal-joining work done by other welders. Inspectors review various welds to ensure that the joint between the two pieces is quality, they mark defective welds for repair and observe welders in fabrication shops

Payscales for both fields

CWI's in the US are earning an average of $25.49 hr *payscale.com*

Level I NDT report earning an average of $18.61 an hr *pqndt*

Level II NDT report earning an average of $28.96 an hr *pqndt*

Level III NDT report earning an average of $103k a year *pqndt*

The naked eye can detect surface corrosion, pitting or cracking, and NDT technicians can also use colored liquids to penetrate a surface and reveal the  prescense of invisible flaws. Ultrasonic tests, x-rays, strong electromagnetic fields and vibration patterns can all reveal internal flaws in a piece of metal or concrete. These methods enable inspectors to assess the integrity of the piece of metal or concrete.

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The NDT industry is governed by ASNT (American Soceity of Non-destructive testing)


ASNT recommends formal classroom training and some practical field experience to become qualified and eventually certified.