You can't afford to NOT take these classes



   ICC Bolting Prep (15 hrs)                    IRRSP (40 hrs)                            UT I (40 hrs)                     CWI Exam Prep (48 hrs)

             Apr 25,26,30                        May 2,3,7,8,10,12,14            June 2,4,5,7,9,12,13                 June 10,15-7,22,23


       UT Advanced Training & D1.8 Seismic (60 hrs)                MT I/II (20 hrs)                        ICC Bolting Prep (15 hrs)

                                        July19-23                                                    July 26,28,30,31                                    Aug 6,7,14    


  PT I/II (12 hrs)           CWI Exam Prep (48 hrs)                             PAUT I (40 hrs)                                      RT I (40 hrs)

   Aug 9, 13,15               Aug 24-26th & Sept 7-9                  Sept 5,11,12,15,17,18,22                  Oct 1,2,6,8,9,1,13             

Classes are typically held in the evenings (4-8 PST)  and/or weekends (Exceptions for Level III & CWI Classes) and books are always included in the cost of the class. A formal training certificate and CEU's/PDH's are awarded at the completion of the class. All training is to ASNT requirements and acceptable to almost any employer who follows ASNT requirements. Our instructor is live with you the entire class to answer all your questions, help you with math equations, quizzes, tests, equipment use and cover all materials throughly.

        **If you only need Part B or Part C, that option is available during the CWI Exam Classes**

  If there is a class you're interested in and it's NOT on the schedule, please let us know, we typically have a list of people interested in a particular method, once we have enough names on the list then we'll schedule that method.